Coming Auctions

Amounts and issue dates stated on this calendar remain subject to change depending on market conditions


Auction date

Settlement Date



Type of issuance

05-28-2019 05-29-2019

CPI-linked Note (S.25)-07/2030

2.90% Reopening
06-11-2019 06-12-2019

CPI-linked Note (S.13)-05/2025

4.00% Reopening
06-25-2019 06-26-2019

Wage-linked Note (S.2)-08/2033

1.80% Reopening

Unidad de Gestión de Deuda

Ministerio de Economía y Finanzas
Colonia 1089 Tercer Piso CP 11100 Montevideo -

Última Actualización: 21/05/2019