Tap Auction of Nominal Peso Treasury Note

October 28th, 2016. The Central Government will reopen the fixed-rate domestic currency (i.e., Nominal Peso) Treasury Notes due April 2018 (Series 7 with a 1.5 years residual maturity) on November 8th and 22nd, 2016. This Nominal-Peso Notes will be auctioned along with the CPI-linked Treasury Notes already scheduled for those dates .

The amount to be sold by auction on November 8th will be 750 million Pesos (approximately 27 million dollars). Series 7 has a current outstanding of 11.5 billion Pesos (equivalent to 410 million dollars).

All investors authorized by the Central Bank of Uruguay are allowed to submit bids on these auctions. Non-residents can invest without restriction through a local bank or broker account. Treasury Notes can be settled in Uruguayan Pesos or US Dollars. Additional information will be posted one week prior to each auction date on Debt Management Unit and Central Bank of Uruguay respective websites.

A new issuance calendar for the period December 2016 – May 2017 will be published in the second half of November.


Sovereign Debt Management Unit

Ministry of Economy and Finance of Uruguay
Colonia 1089 3rd Floor CP 11100 Montevideo - debtinfo@mef.gub.uy

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